excerpt from a book i’ll never write #53

  1. If you can change one person’s life for the better you will have made all the difference in the world, for that one person will go on to change another life, and another, and another, and that is all that matters.
  2. Please be kind. Being kind takes just a second: holding the door for someone, complimenting his or her outfit or smile. There ae so many ways to be kind. Cruelty gains you nothing. Having a bad day does not justify you being an ass.
  3. Respect goes a long way, also. Just because there might be disagreements does not give you reason to lack respect. People have opinons and ideas that may differ from yours. There are so many benefits for being respectful. Just don’t be an ass. 
  4. Be a decent human being. No one wants to be near someone who does not care for others. 
  5. Drink lots of water. Your headaches will go away and your skin will clear up. You will wake up eith more ease and your body will thank you for it.
  6. Study for your classes and exams. School is valuable, whether you like ito r not, and if you go to college than each class could be hundreds of dollars. Don’t throw the money aeay because you’re a pretentious asshole. You’ll learn something, and knowledge is beautiful. 
  7. Save some time for yourself. “Me time” is wonderful, and you need to relax. It’s okay if you don’t go out this weekend; sometimes your health is more important than  night you might not even remember anyway. 
  8. Take a shower. Wash your sheets. Brush your teeth and hair. Put on deodorant. Hygiene is key to a healthy life, and no one wants to smell you anyway. 
  9. Manage your time. Break up your day into chunks and play a game of Tetris with it. Make sure you leave time for sleep. Procrastination leads to nothing but stress and breakouts. 
  10. Live YOUR life. You need to face the reality that no one can live your life but yourself, and sometimes being a doctor or lawyer isn’t for you. And that’s okay. You’re allowed to be whatever you want.

excerpt from a book i’ll never write #52

Silence enclosed the coffee shop like a blanket muffling the sounds of the mundane. It has been years since they have last talked and the silence should feel awkward, but it is comforting instead; it reminds them both of what they used to have. It’s a fact that those who talk don’t know, and those know don’t talk; both of them knew perfectly well. The two coffees sitting between them cultivated steam that rose in spirals, higher and higher, combining into one column, just as they had been one so long ago. Her eyes followed the spiral to the ceiling.

He chuckled his little laugh; more like a larger-than-normal puff of air. The corners of his lips twitched in the direction of the coffee steam.

“What?” She encouraged, and her dagger blue eyes snapped back to his change in composure.

“It’s nothing, forget it.”

“Please, tell me,” she urged.

“Where did the time go? Why have you grown so strong and I haven’t changed a bit? It’s funny, you know.”

“What’s funny?”

“Come on, hun, you don’t remember what you said? You told me that I’d be making the largest mistake of my life, and well, when people ask me ‘If you lost all of your memories except for one, what would it be?’ I can never answer truthfully. Because God damn it, its you. My favorite color is still your favorite color and my favorite song is still the one you sang at the top of your lungs, head through the sun roof, on New Years Eve so many years ago. And I can’t answer truthfully because they would never understand. But fuck, you were right.”

She put her head in her hands and shook her hair in front of her eyes, “Why are you saying this?”

“Because you were the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and you probably have no clue; you’re so wrapped up in the notion that you’re worthless that you have no idea what you mean to people, love, and to me, you’re still the world.”

She pulled her coat over her shoulders and nearly tripped over her chair as she stumbled out of the quaint enclosure. He quickly threw four singles on the table before following her out the door into the autumnal air. He grabbed her wrist and for a moment, just a split second, she melted at the memory of his touch. He spun her around and grabbed both sides of her face so her eyes had no where to look other than at his.

His breath left small clouds of condensation against the cold air, “Don’t run away from me like I ran away from you; I only asked you here to tell you that you are more than what other people’s actions might suggest. You are more than your job, and you are more than what I treated you. You never have to talk to me again, but know that you are so much more.”

Her hands met his that were planted against her face and she kissed him. She whispered, “I still dream about your eyes and how they lost their shine when you told me you were done; please tell me the shine will never leave again.”

“My eyes only shine because you’re reflected in them, and you are more brilliant than all the stars in the sky.” They smiled, and walked away, but this time, they walked hand-in-hand, in the same direction.

excerpt from a book i’ll never write #51

My swirling heart comes falling down

But not so really safe and sound

For you have broken me apart

My will you crushed; it was the start

Of seeing you come sing and dance

But you, I knew it wouldn’t last.

Instead you found a little world

With a different brunette girl

Who loves to go out in the rain

And sing her little heart away;

Just like I did so long ago,

But better did she sing, I know.

How sad it is to see you shine

But I am here just this one time

To tell you that I don’t need you

That you’ll be fine with just the two.

So join me please, come be happy;

Although it is not really me.

This smile is planted on my face

So I can just let you erase

All images you had of me

Because you two were meant to be.

And somewhere down this dreadful line

Again we’ll meet due better time.

excerpt from a book i’ll never write #48

"Please, don't worry about hurting me
I have no feelings anyway,"
I said to you with sincerity
As I slid onto the highway.

I told you my heart would never break,
But I slowly hear it shatter.
It turns out that I truly feel an ache
While my tears go pitter-patter.

You asked what makes my heart soar,
And I kissed you in reply.
But to you I only was a bore,
And with that, you said goodbye.

It was her in your arms you longed for.
You might have thought it were clever.
I guess to you we never belonged.
I really hoped we would end up together.